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Infant Program

The infant room follows each child’s eating and napping schedule provided by the parents. Play times are stimulating and interactions are provided to meet each child’s developmental needs. All infants are given tummy time throughout the day, read to, and are provided with toys for them to work on their grasping skills and hand-eye coordination.

One's Program

We have two one-year-old rooms. One room is for 12-18 months and the other room is for 18-24 months. They follow a more structured routine and incorporate some group times into their daily schedule. Daily lesson plans are developed to help foster the social and emotional skills needed to succeed. They have a variety of toys to help build their vocabulary, small and large motor skills. Your child will learn basic sign language to help them communicate better and do a lot of hands-on activities. 

Twos Program

Our Two-year-old program works with the five major areas of development catered to the individual child. Lesson plans are written weekly by lead teachers and focus in fine and gross motor, language, cognitive, and social-emotional development. They increase the number of toys available in dramatic play to further encourage peer interaction as well as introducing new language and increased sign language 

Jr Pre-K and Pre-K Program

Children are introduced to a preschool curriculum called pocket full of preschool. Lesson plans are designed by the lead teachers of each room and are developmentally appropriate, focusing on school readiness and social/emotional development. Learning centers are made available to help teach children about themselves and their world and group times are incorporated into the daily schedule.

School Age

Our school-age program is for children in Kindergarten through sixth grade. We provide care on all no school days, breaks, and holidays that First Steps is open. We provide transport to the following schools: Wickham, Central, Van Allen, Garner and Tiffin Elementary. 

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